What's in it for me?

MatchPoints 2024 is for everyone with a professional interest in cybersecurity - researchers and PhD students, politicians, cyber security professionals from both public and private organisations and industry leaders . The conference will be held in English and will explore cybersecurity challenges and solutions within these themes:

  • Privacy and Identity
  • Cyber Resilience 
  • Quantum Computing
  • Democracy and Voting
  • Decentralized Economy
  • Artificial Inteligence 

You can also experience real life cases, 3 keynote presentations, 2 state-of-the-union talks and 2 inspiring insights. Moreover the conference has a specified focus on dialogue, networking and engagement. Let's talk to each other!

At the 2024 MatchPoints conference you can

  • meet internationally acclaimed cyber security scientists and from both Computer Science as well as researchers from the humanities, political science, and the technical and health sciences
  • engage with experts and professionals from private companies, public institutions and interest groups
  • participate in engaging debates with your colleagues about cyber security challenges and solutions,
  • find inspiration and gain new knowledge for your daily professional life,
  • participate in a "Meet the Expert" lunch as well as a combined business and lunch-workshop aimed at smaller companies
  • participate in engaging activities and network at two highly entertaining evening events

Actively engage and connect
At the MatchPoints 2024 conference we make time for dialogue, connection and networking. We offer dedicated activities to help keynotes, speakers and participants connect and engage with the conference programme and each other. Click below to read more about the ways we will be facilitating and encouraging networking during MatchPoints.

The MatchPoints conference series
Since 2007, MatchPoints has been the annual flagship conference of Aarhus University, bringing together researchers, journalists, politicians, business leaders and engaged citizens to discuss the most pressing issues of the day. The purpose of MatchPoints is to create dialogue between Aarhus University and the world around it concerning subjects of wider societal interest. For this reason, MatchPoints is always open to the public. The speakers at MatchPoints conferences rank among the most highly esteemed national and international figures in the subjects being discussed, and the conferences are usually interdisciplinary.