Arch-enemies and best friends. Historically, Denmark and Germany have had a turbulent and volatile relationship. The conference MatchPoints Seminar 2020 at Aarhus University will focus on the Danish-German relationship – historically, culturally, economically and politically. As neighbours, Denmark and Germany both have an interest in developing a close relationship to serve as a foundation for tackling the large, complex challenges facing the EU and Europe in the near future: Brexit, new protectionism, the flow of refugees and migrants and urgent climate challenges. These themes will all be addressed at the conference.

2020 is an important year for the Danish-German relationship. The year marks the centenary of the reunion of Southern Jutland with the rest of Denmark as well as other anniversaries, and the governments of Denmark and Germany have named 2020 Danish-German Year of Cultural Friendship. The MatchPoints Seminar 2020 is relevant in this context.

Organisers of MatchPoints Seminar 2020

Professor Thorsten Borring Olesen is Chair and Coordinator of the MatchPoints Seminar 2020. The Seminar has further set up an organising committee consisting of members from both within and outside Aarhus University. Click here to see a full list of members in the steering committee.

Partners and sponsors

The seminar is financed by Aarhus University and the City of Aarhus with additional generous contributions from the Goethe-Institute Dänemark, the German Embassy in Denmark, the Carlsberg Foundation and Jyllands-Postens Foundation. Folkeuniversitet in Aarhus and DIIS are part of the organizing team.

For more information regarding the Danish-German relationship

2020 is an important year in the Danish-German relationship since it marks a long line of anniversaries. Also it is the year of Cultural Friendship between Denmark and Germany

Year of Cultural Friendship 2020 (the 2020 Commemoration)

DK: Da Danmark "table" Flensborg
DK: Valgplakater og propaganda ved folkeafstemningen i Mellemslesvig i 1920

The meaning of the Second Schleswig War in Denmark
Drawing the German-Danish border: posters and propaganda from 1920
Drawing the German-Danish border: the vote in Flensburg, 1920
The German Minority in Southern Denmark

Regarding registration

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If you only wish to register for the Musical Odyssey on Thursday evening April 23 and/or the Public Event on Saturday April 25, please register by clicking on the green bottons below.

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