If you are travelling to Aarhus by car, note that it can be difficult to find parking space in Aarhus on weekdays. But as a guest of MatchPoints 2021, between 8 AM of Thursday, May 27 and 10 PM of Saturday, May 29, you can use all the parking spaces marked as “AU Employee Parking” in the University Park and in the parking lot at Trøjborgvej 82–84 (on the corner of Nordre Ringgade and Nørrebrogade). An overview of employee parking spaces can be found at this map.

Note that you may not use parking spaces that are marked as reserved, e.g. for disabled drivers or for company car parking. You may use parking spaces near the Steno Museum and the Museum of Natural History, as well as those on the municipal roads inside the University Park, but only within the time limits indicated by the signs in the area.