Meals & Magic

Enjoy an evening with peers at the charming venue Centralværkstedet. This evening you will have the opportunity to network with colleagues, enjoy a three-course dinner and listen to an interesting dinner-pitch on 'Dining with your reptile brain' by Professor of Zoophysiology Tobias Wang. Also, sit tight when magic and manipulation is about to happen when hypnotist, illusionist and psychological manipulator Jan Hellsøe enters the room. 

About Tobias Wang
Tobias Wang studies some of the world’s most extreme animals. Animals that can endure being frozen and thawed out again, that can lie dried out for years without dying, and that can survive without oxygen for so long that even the most skilled free diver would be no match for them.

About Jan Hellesøe
Jan Hellesøe is a hypnotist, illusionist and psychological manipulator. But first of all, he is an incredibly friendly guy. Hellesøe’s goal is to challenge people while entertaining them and to amaze them with fantastic experiences. As a participant, you will get a new perspective on your fellow humans and the world around you – and when the show is over, the audience will be thrown off balance.

"I love to see the look of confusion in people’s faces when I reveal their unspoken thoughts. They get the feeling that they have learnt something new, and they always leave my shows a great experience richer." (Quote: Jan Hellesøe)

Jan Hellesøe is known from Danish television and is behind the programmes “Fuckr med dn hjrne” and “Manipulator”.

Please note: Photography or videotaping of Jan Hellesøes performance is not allowed.

DATE: 6 May 2022

PLACE: Centralværkstedet, Værkmestergade 9, 8000 Aarhus C

TIME: 18.00-22.30

PRICE: DKK 300 incl. dinner, entertainment and refreshments


Evening programme


Arrival and refreshments


Dinner Pitch "Dine With Your Reptile Brain"

By Tobias Wang, Professor in Zoophysiology, Aarhus University



Enjoy a three-course dinner with wine and coffee. Vegetarian and vegan options are available.


Jan Hellesøe show

Be prepared to be baffled and astonished.


Dessert and coffee

About Centralværkstedet

A charming spot in a unique setting Centralværkstedet and Smedien, named from the venue’s previous life as a ‘central workshop’ and forge, bring to mind old British auction halls. Here, echoes of history meet the modern world. The place has a raw and urban feel, but also an unmistakable charm. Built in 1862 when the first railway in Jutland, ‘Aarhus-Langå-Randers’, was established, Centralværkstedet and Smedien were originally called Jernbaneværkstedet (‘the railway workshop’). When DSB (the Danish State Railways) was established in 1880, the workshop was renamed De Danske Statsbaners Centralværksted (‘the Central Workshop of the Danish State Railways’). For many years, Centralværkstedet was one of the central workplaces in Aarhus, and in 1949, the workshop employed 1,850 people. In 1990,

Centralværkstedet was partially closed down, and in 2009, DSB decided to shut it down completely and put the buildings up for sale. The complex has since been used as an experience hall and has hosted concerts, events, conferences and private functions. Today, Centralværkstedet is owned by Comwell.