Who to meet?

Since 2007, the MatchPoints conference series has been a meeting place for leading scientists, journalists, business leaders and politicians, and this year is no exception. The focus on digitalization brings together researchers from computer science, the humanities, political science, and the medical sciences, as well as ministers and ambassadors, IT frontrunners, and award-winning journalists. Among the many speakers you can expect to meet at MatchPoints 2021 are:

Nicolai Wammen

Danish Minister of Finance

Marianne Dahl

Board Member and former Director of Sales at Microsoft

Tommy Ahlers

CEO, Danish MP and former Minister of Science, Technology, and Higher Education

Rosa Lund

MP for the Red-Green Alliance in the Danish Parliament

Anne Marie Engtoft Larsen

Tech Ambassador at the Danish Foreign Ministry

Ulrik Haagerup

Founder and CEO of Constructive Institute

Frederik Stjernfelt

Professor of Intellectual History, Aalborg University Copenhagen

Lars Seier Christensen

Founder of Saxo Bank

José van Dijck

Professor of Media and Digital Society, Utrecht University

Lars Rasmus Lundgaard Pedersen

CIO, Danske Commodities

Mark van Vugt

Professor of Evolutionary Psychology at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

Anne Applebaum

Senior Fellow at Johns Hopkins University

Lotte Bøgh Andersen

Center Director and Professor, Crown Prince Frederik Center for Public Leadership

Thomas Lund-Sørensen

Director of the Danish Center for Cyber Security

Lene Tanggaard

Professor of Psychology, Aalborg University

Rikke Zeberg

Head of Digitalization at the Confederation of Danish Industry

Bastian Obermayer and Frederik Obermaier

Journalists at Süddeutsche Zeitung

Steen Hildebrandt

Professor Emeritus in Management Studies, Aarhus University

Peter Kaufmann

Strategic Initiatives, Office of Open Learning, MIT

Karen Melchior

MEP for Denmark in the European Parliament

Francis Fukuyama

Senior Fellow at Stanford University

Natasha Friis Saxberg

CEO at the Danish ICT Industry Association

Morten Sodemann

Professor of Medicine, University of Southern Denmark

Anja Bechmann

Professor of Media Studies, Aarhus University

Stefan Hermann

Rector, University College Copenhagen

Axel Bruns

Professor of Digital Media Research, Queensland University of Technology

Moderator: Jacob Rosenkrands

Journalist, the Danish Broadcasting Corporation (DR)