Automatization and its Consequences

Discussing basic income and welfare politics with Guy Standing

Friday May 25 at 10.15


Following his keynote in this session Guy Standing will answer questions and reflect upon comments from other scholars and persons engaged in issues of welfare politics. The session will be held in English.


Basic Income – a Promising or a Horrifying Idea?

Friday May 25 at 13.00

Recent years’ growing political interest in basic income marks a break with the idea of workfare that has dominated the welfare policies of preceding decades. Rather than tightening the conditions of access to public transfers, a basic income scheme guarantees an income for every citizen. An interesting feature of basic income is that it has supporters as well as critics from both the political left and right. This panel will discuss the prospects of a basic income in the context of Danish welfare state experiences as they are assessed from three different positions in the political spectrum.

Workshop participants:

MP Josephine Fock, Alternativet

MP Henrik Dahl, Liberal Alliance

MP Nicolai Wammen, Socialdemokratiet

The workshop is organized and facilitated by Jørn Loftager, Department of Political Science, Aarhus University,
e-mail:, Tel: +45 5192 6091

Technology based Solutions to support Early Diagnosis and Treatment

Friday May 25 at 15.00

Telemedicine, a concept born in the seventies almost half a century ago, is finally maturing. Costs of equipment and services have fallen dramatically, the quality of equipment and technological interventions have increased substantially with improved functionality, reliability, and usability. Also, the effectiveness of telemedicine has been demonstrated through many studies, investigating various different applications and settings of telemedicine. In this workshop an overview of telemedicine will be provided: what is the need, where are we, and where are we heading. This overview will be followed by three examples of technological solutions to healthcare challenges. It is possible to perform remote controlled robotic-assisted ultrasound scans? Can miniaturized wearable ECG monitors be used as portable epileptic seizure alarm systems? How can brain monitoring in natural environment be carried out minimally intrusive?

Workshop participants:

Finn Olesen, Information Studies, Aarhus University:
Telemedical Consultations in Healthcare practices - close up and far away

Samuel Alberg Thrysøe, Aarhus School of Engineering, AU
Telemedicine remote robot-assisted ultrasound scans

Jesper Jeppesen, Institut for Klinisk Medicin - Neurofysiologisk Afdeling, NBG
Can heart rate variability raise an alert of epileptic seizures?

Preben Kidmose, Department of Engineering, AU
Real life brain monitoring

The workshop is organized by Peter Johansen, Department of Engineering, Aarhus University