Wireless network

AU-Guest – wireless network for guests

Guests at AU who need wireless network access can use the AU-Guest network.

1. Turn WIFI on (on your mobile, tablet or PC) under Settings.
2. Select the AU-Guest network.
3. Open a web browser, for example Safari, Internet Explorer or Google Chrome.

A login website will automatically appear as illustrated below. 
If the login website does not appear, please write www.au.dk in the browser.

4. Log on to the internet by using one of the accounts below:

  •  Facebook
  •  Google Drive
  •  LinkedIn
  •  SMS (only Danish telephone numbers)
  •  Microsoft account (for example outlook.dk, hotmail.com)

If you click the AU logo, a new website will appear. From this website, you can download the installation software for eduroam.

AU-Guest access is for the internet only. AU-Guest does not provide access to internal services such as fileand print servers.