Alistair Thomson

Thomson at Aarhus University

Professor Alistair Thomson will be Distinguished Visiting Professor at Aarhus University in 2012. His chair is shared by the Faculty of Arts and the School of Business and Social Sciences, where he will be contributing to conferences, seminars and symposia and giving master classes to PhD scholars.

Alistair Thomson is Professor of History and Director of the Monash Institute for Public History at Monash University in Melbourne, Australia. He made his name internationally in the mid-nineties for his research in oral history and his original theory of 'composing memory' based on his interviews with Australian war veterans. Today he is one of pathbreakers within the new field of 'public history'.

Coordinator for Professor Thomson's stay as Distinguished Visiting Professor

Michael Bøss
Tlf.: 2093 4818 / 8942 6532